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A Beatle “reborn” from an old molar? Imagine…

23rd August 2013

We enjoy reading some of the more unusual media stories about the dental world and one offering that’s been doing the rounds in print and online certainly fits that bill.

Dentist Michael Zuk, based in Red Deer in Canada, who bought John Lennon’s discoloured molar for £19,500 at a 2011 auction, reckons scientists can potentially extract the singer-songwriter’s DNA and one day could clone a new Lennon!

To quote one of his songs – “imagine”!


Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper after the music genius had it pulled out in the ’60s, and dentist Michael bought it from her son more than 30 years after the Beatle was shot dead at his US apartment block in 1980.

Michael has been quoted as saying:

“Many Beatles fans remember where they were when they heard John Lennon was shot.

“I hope they also live to hear the day he was given another chance.”

We note that in many of the stories the auction house said at the time of the sale that DNA could not be obtained.

But with new advances in genetic/DNA research, Michael believes that Lennon’s DNA can be harvested and, in time, converted from tissue cells into stem cells, and eventually into a reborn Beatle.

He’s further quoted: “To say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock’s greatest stars would be mind-blowing,”


Until that day dawns there is a more serious and positive side to this venture. Michael is advertising other dental endeavours: pendants and a piece of sculpture made from Lennon’s “tooth dust”, a picture book of celebrities’ teeth, the parody song “Love Me Tooth”, and other initiatives to promote awareness of mouth cancer.

Up until we read the lines about the worthwhile cause of mouth cancer awareness – something that our own Glasgow dental clinic is doing this year too – we might have been forgiven for checking our calendars to see if April 1 had arrived early…

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