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Big brother’s watching you – via your teeth…

30th August 2013

There are many reasons you might want to visit the dentist…

Perhaps you would come to our Glasgow dental clinic for a routine check-up, a smile makeover consultation, teeth whitening or even dental implants

The list of reasons is extensive.

But coming to see the dentist and having a tooth sensor fitted?

That’s the latest innovation revealed in the media this week with an article focusing on work that’s been carried out in the National Taiwan University.

The boffins there have developed a prototype of a tooth sensor that can fit onto dentures or braces and has been created by medics to allow them to track whether a person is following the health advice given to them.


This tiny piece of electronic gadgetry apparently can also be embedded into a tooth and holds a small motion sensor called an accelerometer.

According to the reports the theory is that the jaw moves in different ways during certain activities such as chewing, eating, smoking or drinking.

Said sensor then amasses this information on the smallest of circuit boards and then transmits the data collected to a smartphone. The patient’s doctor can then download the vital data and determine whether the patient has been following guidelines – perhaps sticking to a diet or has given up smoking.

Our team here at the Glasgow dental clinic enjoy reading the reports about the latest advances in the world of dentistry and teeth-related matters. This topic was certainly one that created a bit of interest in the staff room.

Should you have any questions about this post or would like to find out more about the treatments and services – not the application of the above mentioned tooth sensor I might add – we do offer then please contact our reception team on 0141 339 7579.

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