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Big wedding day smiles

20th July 2010

Working in the world of cosmetic dentistry I see many people who want to finetune their smiles for their wedding days…and who can blame them?

It’s the one day you’re certain that the focus – in terms of eyes, cameras and videocams – will be 100% on you and your partner so a good strong smile is a must-have accessory.

There are many ways to improve on your smile – whitening, veneers, bridge work and implants can singularly help or cumulatively boost how you smile.

In terms of timescales I always recommend a bride or groom to visit for a consultation at least three-six months before their wedding date. Of course if you think you may need an implant then really a minimum of nine months is preferable.

That way we can discuss the treatment plan and decide on the best ways to improve the smile’s appearance and ensure as natural a look as possible.

It’s amazing how a wedding proposal can kick-start the process for people who’ve perhaps had some stubborn staining, a chipped tooth here and teeth or a couple of squint teeth to take the necessary action.

Technology and the most advanced techniques means more people than ever before have that golden opportunity to improve their smile.

It’s the best wedding present you’ll give yourself – and your partner!

If you’d like more information about our cosmetic dentistry services and treatments – including dental implants – please phone 0141 339 7579

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