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25 October 2013

At our Glasgow dental clinic we put our patients at the top of our priority list in our delivery of both treatment and service. Recently…

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London ADI visit en route from South Africa to Glasgow dental clinic

7 October 2013

I flew back from South Africa overnight and after landing in London first thing this morning I headed straight into the capital for some important…

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Denture solution delivered for Glasgow dental clinic patient

30 September 2013

We often see patients coming to our Glasgow dental clinic with issues regarding their dentures. I recently saw a 67 year old male patient whose…

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Patient feedback always welcome at our Glasgow dental clinic

27 September 2013

We’re always appreciative of the time our patients take to give us feedback about their time and experience at our Glasgow dental clinic. Whether by…

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Media spotlight on ‘cheesy’ cure for sensitive teeth

25 September 2013

From time to time on our blog we spotlight some of the media stories from all over the world that are focusing on teeth and…

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Guest blogger: Liz Grant from The Ben Walton Trust

18 September 2013

This year on our website and other social media platforms for our Glasgow clinic we’ve been highlighting the risk factors of mouth cancer. We’ve been…

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Caring for children’s teeth: prevention better than cure

16 September 2013

For children starting the regular dental check-ups is of paramount importance and we often welcome youngsters at our Glasgow dental clinic. My eldest son, who’s…

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Teeth whitening: team attends lecture by UK authority

11 September 2013

Furthering our knowledge of the latest dentistry techniques is a key priority for our team of dental care professionals. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry…

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What’s what in your teeth line-up?

6 September 2013

In our blog posts from our Glasgow dental clinic we can cover a multitude of topics – from cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and patient testimonials…

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Cuppas combat cavities? New research reports on tea benefits

28 August 2013

From time to time the humble cuppa is credited with assisting a myriad health issues. Tea – in various guises of green, mint and the…

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