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Media spotlight on ‘cheesy’ cure for sensitive teeth

25 September 2013

From time to time on our blog we spotlight some of the media stories from all over the world that are focusing on teeth and…

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Cuppas combat cavities? New research reports on tea benefits

28 August 2013

From time to time the humble cuppa is credited with assisting a myriad health issues. Tea – in various guises of green, mint and the…

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What’s in a name? The story behind our Glasgow dental clinic

19 August 2013

Exterior of the Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic Clinic which offers bespoke general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and life enhancing dental implants - Exterior shot…

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Good reason to visit the dentist? Read on…

14 August 2013

Struggling with toothache? Bleeding gums when you brush? Unhappy with your smile? All the above are sound reasons for visiting your dentist for a check-up…

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Dental implants: questions and answers

12 August 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON DENTAL IMPLANTS The clinical team at Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic has experience of a wide range of implant, cosmetic and restorative…

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Gum disease clue to dementia? Researchers raise major questions.

31 July 2013

A number of media reports have been appearing this week raising the questions about links between gum disease and dementia. Most of the reports state…

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Our book of testimonials: for patients at our Glasgow dental clinic

29 July 2013

We’re always delighted whenever our patients here at our Glasgow dental clinic take time to give us feedback on their experiences. Over the months we…

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Spotting the phobic patients – and caring for them at our Glasgow dental clinic.

17 July 2013

Caring for phobic patients is something that we take seriously here at our Glasgow dental clinic. Our dental hygiene team of Jen and Viv recently…

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Hygiene focus: key to good dental health

1 July 2013

According to recent figures released by the British Dental Health Foundation, the nation’s dental cleaning habits are the subject of somewhat interesting reading. The figures…

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The importance of a check-up: it’s not just your smile to think about…

10 June 2013

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s currently the 2013 National Smile Month and the message coming out from the organisers underlines the importance of…

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