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Dental implant solution for Glasgow clinic patient who lost a front tooth

19th March 2013

The trauma that comes with losing a tooth in adulthood can only be intensified when it’s a front tooth.

This female patient visited the clinic having lost her upper left central incisor tooth – see before photo here.

Tooth loss solution – dental implant
surgery carried out at Glasgow clinic
– BEFORE – the gap left by the loss of the upper
front tooth

Following root treatment and restoration with a post retained crown some years earlier, the tooth root fractured and required extraction.

Following this the patient was provided with a single tooth upper denture. The patient reported that while tolerating this, she disliked its movement in function and the effect it had on the taste of her foods.

A single implant was used with some small amounts of bone grafting allowing a single screw retained crown to be used to restore the area with a fixed single implant crown solution.

the smile shown after the dental implant
work has been carried out at our Glasgow
– AFTER – the aesthetic improvement is evident.

The after image shows the aesthetic benefits of the implant and of course the functional benefit will mean the patient won’t experience the eating issues she had with the denture.
You can read more about the benefits of dental implants by clicking here.

We have an experienced team with extensive knowledge about dental implants and we’re happy to speak to you should you have any specific questions arising from our dental implant section on the website.

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