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Dental makeover lets patient ‘smile with confidence’

17th June 2013

Dental function as well as appearance can be compromised if a patient suffers from dental problems – especially if they’ve started back in childhood and continued into adulthood.

We recently saw a patient who was referred to us from her own dentist. Her issues really began when she was aged just 10 and from her recollection she explained she’d had a lifetime of dental challenges.

The patient – in her early 50s – tells us how her smile and confidence were changed as a result of the treatment she underwent under our care.

Here is a copy of a letter we received from the patient at the completion of treatment…

“To everyone at Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic


Thank you so much to everyone for the superb treatment I received at the clinic. My smile and my
confidence has been completely transformed.

I have always been self conscious about my teeth for as long as I can remember. I have large prominent
teeth with an overbite. However I fell at the age of 10 and badly chipped one of my 2 front tooth and from
thereon in I had trouble with that tooth.

Smile makeover – can boost
confidence and improve
Smile makeover – can boost
confidence and improve

I have attended the same dental practice for over 40 years and had as much treatment as my own dentist
could give me. My back teeth were heavily filled ,crumbing and moving. I had a crown at the side that
kept falling out and a dark line showed at the top and another lower crown that was causing me extreme


I had a few lower back teeth extracted in my 20′s and had gaps there which made eating very
difficult. My front tooth had a veneer on the half tooth I had chipped and the tooth next to it was a different
shape and much slimmer so my smile was squinty looking. I had it all going on with having teeth missing
at the back ,crowns ,veneers and I was really struggling to eat. Worse still at the age of 51, I was in
constant pain with my back teeth, particularly at night.

I had an in depth discussion with my own dentist and he referred my to Dr. Friel as he felt he was the
dentist to sort out the difficulties I was having with my back teeth. he told me that there was no “quick fix”
for me and that I had to be prepared for perhaps over a year of treatment . I trust my own dentist
implicitly. He has been in the business for over 30 years and is highly regarded in the dentistry world so
his recommendation to Dr. Friel was testament enough for me.


I was apprehensive for my first visit to Philip Friel’s Clinic. You get used to the one dentist and I felt my
teeth were so bad and was embarrassed to have someone else looking in my mouth. However I needn’t
have worried. From the minute I stepped through the front door I was put at ease by Karyn and Siobhan.
The surroundings and decor are calming giving a feeling of tranquillity.

Dr. Friel was amazing from my first visit onwards. At first I was only there to sort out my back teeth lower
and upper. My plan detailed everything and I knew exactly what was going to happen over the coming
months. A year or so later and my back teeth were perfect. I had my smile widened which took away from
the prominence/overbite of my 6 front teeth and they were all perfect in size. Throughout the year I had
root treatments, an extraction, crowns and a partial cobalt chrome partial fitted ( in the coming years I will
get implants ) but for now I have a full set of top and bottom teeth. That’s a first since my early 20′s. Pain
free sleeping is a real bonus.


I visited the clinic many times over the year and I actually got to like my visits. I always had a chat with
Karyn and Siobhan who were great with me and they too could explain about different treatments. Root
treatments and an extraction with Ross and Louise was virtually painless and I really dreaded that. Every
time I was in the chair with Dr. Friel I felt very at ease and suffered virtually no pain. Kasia and Pam were
a great comfort.

I was so pleased with my back teeth I decided to get Dr. Friel to draw up a plan for my 6 top front teeth
which this time was more cosmetic work than my back teeth had been. Again I knew exactly what was
going to be happening via my dental plan. I completed that treatment last week and the results are
stunning. That was really painless and that work took about 4 weeks over 4 visits. The amazing thing is
that my teeth look so natural and the changes were so gradual that it really doesn’t look like I’ve had my
“teeth done”.


Thanks again to everyone at the clinic and I would highly recommend Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic to
anyone. I got a complete smile redesign which is more than I could have hoped for. Now at the age of 53
I can smile with complete confidence for the first time. Best wishes to you all for the future.”

If you have any questions about this blog or the treatments/services we offer at our Glasgow dental clinic please contact our reception team on 0141 339 7579.

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