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Dentures V Dental Implants?: A question often asked at our Glasgow clinic

3rd April 2013

It’s a question often asked…dentures or dental implants?

Would we prefer to recommend fitting dentures or dental implants?

The answer. of course, always depends on the individual patient and their current dental status, their personal preferences and budget.

Advances in both the production of dentures and the techniques involved in placing dental implants mean that the results from either can be significant for the patient.

In this testimonial from a patient she delivers her verdict on what worked best when the question was raised.

This is a testimonial from a lady in her early 60s who’d had three decades of denture wearing.

She wrote to us after the completion of her treatment at our Glasgow dental clinic…

“I lost my teeth when I was in my late 30s and was never comfortable wearing dentures. I rarely smiled, as I was self-conscious of my dentures looking false.

“As I am a vegetarian who enjoys healthy eating I had trouble eating certain foods such as some breads, fruits, nuts and pulses, this problem restricted my choices when I was eating out.

“It was a major decision for me to go through with the treatment for implants.


“Dr Friel put my mind at ease by explaining from start to finish the procedure, any potential complications and what post treatment I would need to receive.

“He explained this in a jargon free way, which helped me to talk to my family, who were uncertain and worried about dental treatment that seemed pretty complicated and almost like a major operation.

“Immediately after my treatment when I returned home I received a phone call from Dr Friel to see how I was feeling, which reassured me very much.

“Post operation I was in a little discomfort, which lasted around seven weeks, but by following the advice given by Dr Friel I have had no further problems and it has been a great success. I have no regrets and psychologically feel more confident and assertive when speaking and eating.

artwork shown in our
Glasgow clinic where dental
implants are offered

– Implants can make significant
difference in function and


“My daughter mentioned this year that I looked different in the holiday photos, happier and younger looking, which I was pleased to hear.

“I have also been asked if my teeth are my own – of course I say yes! I can now eat foods that previously I couldn‘t, which is wonderful when in restaurants.

“Although at times it was a lengthy process, I would advise anyone who feels self-conscious about wearing dentures to consider implants as an alternative. I received first class information, treatment and post-operative care, which have made a huge difference to my way of life.”

We were delighted to hear what the patient had to say – especially how she outlined how the dental implant treatment had made a ‘huge difference’ to her way of life.

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have on either dentures or dental implants.
You can contact us via this website or by phoning the clinic on 0141 339 7579.

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