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Guest blogger: Liz Grant from The Ben Walton Trust

18th September 2013

This year on our website and other social media platforms for our Glasgow clinic we’ve been highlighting the risk factors of mouth cancer.

We’ve been liaising with the team from The Ben Walton Trust, a Scottish-based charity which was set up to raise the awareness of this particular cancer.

This month’s guest blogger is Liz Grant from the Ben Walton Trust who has focused on a key event in the charity’s calendar.

Liz writes:


“November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month and as such, The Ben Walton Trust is hosting a dinner for people who have had mouth cancer and can find it difficult socialising in restaurants with family and friends.

For some people, trying to explain to restaurant staff that they can’t have food with any lumps in it, there must be lots and lots of gravy with potatoes and veg and all food must be taken with copious amounts of liquid, is just too huge a task.

Added to which, ultimately the presentation of the dinner is completely different from any one else’s (and that is assuming the chef has the time and patience to work on the menu request).

Liz Grant from the Ben

Walton Trust is our guest

blogger for September


– Liz Grant from the Ben Walton

Trust is our guest blogger for


On Monday 18th November 2013, staff at Brown’s Restaurant in Giffnock are going to present a menu that can be eaten by everyone there, to highlight not only the difficulties that patients have eating but also to show that in actual fact, this type of menu can be produced from foods available to the typical diner.

Patients, their friends and families, healthcare professionals, dieticians, the press and the local MSP are all attending.


We are also, as a spin off of the planning, in the initial stages of producing a cookbook using patients’ recipes and also incorporating tips as to ingredients that work well together..and those that don’t. Iain the chef from Brown’s is helping with this.

Should anyone like to attend the dinner or have some recipes/tips/advice for the cookbook that you would like to share, please get in touch.”

If you have any questions about the above blog or wish to make any comment about the content please contact us by clicking here.

You can read more about the warning signs of mouth cancer in this previous blog on the topic.

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