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Media spotlight on ‘cheesy’ cure for sensitive teeth

25th September 2013

From time to time on our blog we spotlight some of the media stories from all over the world that are focusing on teeth and dental issues.

Many of the stories relate to research – some of which may not be 100% conclusive and some often in its early stages.

Yesterday the focus was on sensitive teeth issues and a study being carried out in a Taiwanese medical university.

If you have issues with
sensitive teeth, consult your

– If you have issues with sensitive
teeth, consult your dentist.


The medics have been working on creating a toothpaste containing an ingredient that’s found naturally in cheese and meat which they claim may reduce – by almost 80% according to the reports – the incidence of teeth sensitivity.

This ingredient is called arginine and the researchers used a study group of 43 patients. They found that the paste reduced sensitivity by 61% in the first four weeks and 78.1% after using daily for eight weeks.

The team from the Chung Shan Medical University – states the Daily Mail – point out that arginine can play a role in wound healing and is found in dairy product, fish and meat.


Tooth sensitivity can occur for a number of reasons but particularly if the gum recedes and exposes a sensitive later called dentine. The arginine is believed to reduce the sensitivity by helping to form a protective later over the dentine.

Should you have any issues with teeth sensitivity it is always worth having a dental check-up to ascertain the reason.

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