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More questions about dental issues

10th January 2013

Last week in one of our blogs I spoke about the questions and answers column I am often asked to contribute to for The Clinic feature in the Daily Record newspaper.
When I’ve written about certain topics I often find that people will email me with other questions on these topics or indeed other issues which concern them about their dental health.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us here at our Glasgow dental clinic or via the contact page on our website or on Facebook or via Twitter @dentistglasgow.
We’re only too happy to assist you on any issues that worry you.
Here are more examples of the questions and answers that have appeared in The Clinic section.

My 34-year-old partner is phobic about needles so a visit to the dentist is off the cards. Is there any help for him?

He’s not the only person who suffers in this way. We see many patients who are uncomfortable about a visit. A clinic offering various forms of dental sedation can provide a solution. Sedation techniques can allow patients to access first-class, advanced dental treatment without them being aware of the treatment being carried out. There are a number of techniques that can be used – acclimatization, hypnosis, de-sensitisation, or a form of sedation that avoids the need to use any injection. Indeed, in many cases a combination of these techniques can be used.

I’m a 37-year-old bride to be and hating prospect of wedding photos because I’ve so many old, metal fillings. Is it advisable to have them replaced?

White fillings are a first-class way to return both the stability, colour and shape to the teeth. By bonding composite resin restorations, we can match shades, translucency and texture of your own teeth. The end result far surpasses the old amalgam fillings which can be unsightly and unnatural when you smile.
Make it a white wedding in all aspects – even your smile!

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