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Teeth whitening: How not to do it…and what’s best?

19th March 2011

According to experts looking at how people in the 15th-17th centuries achieved their beauty goals have uncovered some slightly scary insights about teeth cleaning methods which suggest the ancient ‘roots’ of the modern Hollywood smile.

If you’d been around in the Renaissance period and wanted to whiten your smile, you might have concocted a paste mixture of vinegar, rock alum powder, salt and honey which was kept in a closed vial.

The user then washed their teeth with a rough cloth – rubbing them soundly but not to the bleeding point (thankfully!).

Don’t even attempt to follow that recipe – aside from creating a mix that will taste disgusting the end effect of whitening can’t be guaranteed.

Thankfully in today’s world of professional dental knowledge and technology we have much more appealing – and beneficial – methods of teeth whitening.

We recommend a dual approach – using Zoom power whitening (the laser method) along with bespoke teeth whitening trays which are than used at home over a period to not only boost whitening but also to maintain a good standard.

Contact the clinic if you need more information about how best to boost your smile’s white factor.

To put the Renaissance beauty tip in context, another of the tips – this time for a beautiful facial complexion – included mixing breadcrumbs and egg white which were then stored in vinegar for two days before being applied to the skin. Sounds more like a Delia Smith scone recipe gone wrong!

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