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The importance of a check-up: it’s not just your smile to think about…

10th June 2013

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s currently the 2013 National Smile Month and the message coming out from the organisers underlines the importance of a regular check-up to ensure your dental health and function are in tip top condition.

How often do you attend the dentist for a check-up?

The British Dental Health Foundation which runs National Smile month emphasises the links between bad oral health and many other health issues.

The campaign organisers write…

“Poor oral health doesn’t just cause problems inside the mouth. A smile is hugely important to our personalities, self-confidence, relationships and success.


“General health is also at risk too as studies continue to associate poor oral health to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, pneumonia, premature babies and other major conditions. With a good oral health routine, most of these conditions are preventable.”

Aside from committing the time and intention to visit your dentist there can be other reasons such as dental phobia that will lead to someone putting off that important check-up appointment.

According to the National Smile Month 2013 website, 15 per cent of adults who have been to a dentist suffer from extreme dental anxiety.

The site also reveals how visiting the dentist is ranked number one (22%) for making people nervous, closely followed by heights (19%). Nearly 10 times as many people (22%) are nervous of visiting their dentists, compared to their doctor (2%).

Our team here at our Glasgow dental clinic is experienced in supporting people who suffer from varying degrees of dental phobia. From the moment a patient arrives at our reception, the team will be on hand to extend a warm welcome and give any advice and support you require.

We also have a team focused on helping those phobic patients undergoing treatment via sedation techniques. Our hygienist team is also well experienced in caring from any phobic patients attending the clinic.

Should you have any questions about the points raised in this blog post, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here by phoning 0141 339 7579. We look forward to hearing from you.

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