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Thinking about braces? Key information about orthodontic work at our Glasgow dental clinic

8th January 2013

Here at our clinic in Glasgow we’re fortunate to have a team of well qualified and experienced dental care professionals on hand for our patients.

Among the team is Andrew McGregor (pictured) who is our orthodontic specialist who has trained specifically in the field of orthodontic work.

Here Andrew writes about the treatments involved in orthodontics work and hopefully answers some questions you may have. Should you require any other information we’re happy to take your questions via the website, by phone or in person if you pop into the clinic.

Specialist orthodontist Andrew
McGregor based at our Glasgow dental
– Our specialist orthodontist Andrew

There are many reasons people seek orthodontic (brace) treatment which range from personal concerns about the appearance of teeth to the family dentist observing problems with a bite or facial profile.

Corrections of crowded, squint or spaced teeth to improve smile appearance are perhaps the most common motivators for people to enquire about braces in my experience. There are a range of appliances available that can do this depending on the severity of the problem and the patient’s wishes. Although the principal goal is to correct the dental aesthetics in such cases, every effort is made to maintain or enhance facial appearance in conjunction.

Dentists tend to send patients to orthodontists for more complex reasons such as; concerns about poor biting relationships of the teeth and jaws, situations where there is an increased risk of trauma to teeth, treatment of impacted, missing and displaced teeth and reversal of the drifting of teeth seen in adults who have previously experienced gum disease. Dentists carrying out advanced procedures such as implants, crowns or bridges also find orthodontic ‘preparation’ of teeth invaluable in allowing them to achieve the best result possible.

This requires high levels of communication between the advanced dentist and orthodontist to be successful which is why having an orthodontist based at Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic helps to deliver optimal care.

However big or small the perceived problem, a consultation with an orthodontic specialist is a good place to start exploring the options.

The assessment is usually divided into two visits. The first involves a bit of ‘getting to know you’, where, following discussion about what the patient is looking to gain from orthodontics, a full assessment and necessary records (X-rays, photos, moulds of teeth) are taken.

The follow-up appointment will be to discuss, in detail, the treatment options available and also gives the opportunity to ask any questions. If a treatment plan is agreed at this stage then arrangements can then be made to get started!

Overall, orthodontics represents a range of relatively low-risk treatments that can help many people improve their dental health and appearance for life if they are willing to make the commitment.

This blog was written by Andrew McGregor
Specialist Orthodontist
GDC No. 80505

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