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Treatment such as fillings and sealants help to treat and prevent dental decay, leaving you with healthier teeth and a renewed sense of confidence and wellbeing.

Advanced Dentistry Scotland is an amalgam-free practice offering natural-looking, tooth-coloured and glass ionomer fillings.

Dental sealants: protecting your teeth against bacteria and cavities

A dental sealant is a protective plastic cover placed over the chewing surfaces of molars. This seals them off from plaque and cavities that result in gum disease and decay. The sealant application process is non-invasive, simple, and painless. Sealants are suited to both adults and children and can reduce the possibility of developing cavities buy up to 80%.

The sealant is painted onto your tooth, covering the grooves and crevices in your teeth. The material immediately hardens, and a curing light is used to accelerate the process. You can expect your sealant to last for 3 to 5 years, providing it is well cared for.

Fillings: a lifeline for your dental health

Our natural-looking fillings can address varying degrees of tooth decay and prevent further decay from entering and destroying a tooth. They are amalgam-free and therefore mercury-free. We offer two types of fillings:

Glass ionomer filling: suitable for minor to moderate tooth damage and for repairing teeth that are not responsible for the majority of your chewing. Glass ionomer fillings release fluoride, fortifying your tooth.

Composite filling: suitable for deeper decay, chipped and worn teeth and made from composite resin which is matched to your natural tooth shade. Many of our patients choose to have their amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings

In cases where tooth decay has destroyed more than approximately 60% of the tooth, a crown or inlay is likely to be more appropriate than a filling.

How long do fillings last in your teeth?

The lifetime of a glass ionomer is usually 5 to 7 years, whilst composite fillings last for 5 to 10 years. The exact number of years your filling lasts will depend on how you look after it. Your dentist will advise on how your diet can affect the integrity of your filling, and how to care for your teeth to prevent filling placement in the future.

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