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Our restorative dentists can perform full mouth rehabilitation for patients who need treatment to rebuild their oral function and smile aesthetics.

We work with a talented dental technician who uses use durable and natural-looking materials to create restorations like crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, and implants for our patients.

The benefits of full mouth rehabilitation

The primary objective of full mouth rehabilitation is to improve your oral health by reversing dental damage, disease, or injury. A fantastic supplementary bonus of full mouth rehabilitation is you will be left with a more natural-looking smile and improved confidence in your teeth and mouth. Symptoms such as sensitivity, pain, bleeding gums, bite complications and chewing difficulties can be reversed with treatment.

Our dentists use computer imaging software and digital CT scans to assess the health of your mouth prior to treatment. Once an accurate picture of your dental health has been established, your dentist can plan how to use specific materials and techniques to reconstruct your mouth. The diagnosis of periodontal disease, bruxism, dental infections, and other anomalies will influence the method of treatment used to remodel your dental health and anatomy.

Who needs full mouth rehabilitation?

Symptoms such as chronic bad breath, teeth grinding and clenching, jaw joint issues, and ongoing pain and discomfort could indicate treatment is needed. Full mouth rehabilitation also involves replacing missing teeth with implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible after tooth loss is extremely worthwhile for your oral and general health, particularly with a fixed solution like dental implants which replace a full missing tooth root and protect the jawbone.

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