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Advanced Dentistry provides a restorative dentistry service to patients throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

General restorative dentistry can be required to restore teeth that have become decayed or damaged in function. The treatment of such teeth will restore their health and function in the mouth.

Fissure sealants are a common preventative treatment that can be used to protect newly erupted back teeth. The back teeth have deep fissures on their biting surfaces which can be very difficult to clean. Fissure sealing treatment involves thoroughly cleaning these deep fissures and flowing a composite material into them which sets hard, blocking out the deep fissure and leaving a smooth flat surface which is easy to clean and decreases the risk of decay in the deep fissures in time.

Dental fillings are used to restore areas of a tooth lost to wear, erosion or decay. In the past, silver amalgam fillings were used to restore such areas and, while they work well, they are not considered aesthetic. At Advanced Dentistry clinics in Glasgow, we do not use any silver amalgam fillings, preferring to use instead of white, composite resin materials to stabilise the teeth with much better aesthetic results. There are many such materials available and we use the most modern and advanced to ensure that the results are stable, predictable and aesthetic.

While small fillings are generally carried out uneventfully, larger fillings can occasionally involve the nerve of the tooth which may have to be treated in addition to the filling – see our section on endodontics. The placement of very large fillings may be required prior to crown or bridgework on these teeth to further stabilise them.

Our standard procedure for tooth restoration with composites involves the preparation of the tooth to remove any decay, followed by topical etchant preparation and placement of a light-curing lining to protect the nerve of the tooth. After this, adhesives are used and the composite filling materials are generally layered into the tooth in small sections and set hard to restore the tooth. Our filling systems use materials of differing densities and lucencies to ensure as natural a result as possible and the fillings are generally carved to replicate the surface of a natural tooth.

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