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Soft tissue grafting can renew lost gum tissue that has receded due to ageing, gum disease and intensive brushing.

What is soft tissue grafting?

A soft tissue graft generates new gum tissue to cover areas of exposed dentin which would otherwise be vulnerable to decay and erosion. Soft tissue grafts also prevent further gum tissue loss which can help to treat and prevent periodontal (advanced gum disease) from occurring and escalating.

Exposed dentin can bring about intense sensitivity and discomfort; post-treatment these symptoms can be reversed, leaving you not just healthier, but pain-free too.

Why do I need a soft tissue graft?

The main benefits associated with treatment include:

Comfort: sensitivity and pain connected to dentine and root exposure can be reversed.

Improved aesthetics: gum recession can result in teeth appearing longer in length. A soft tissue graft can rebalance your gum and tooth proportions, resulting in a more attractive smile and enhanced confidence and self-esteem.

Better gum health: soft tissue grafts can stop the progression of bone loss caused by periodontal disease. Slowing down this progression will reduce the likelihood of losing teeth to periodontal disease.

How does a soft tissue graft work?

Platelet rich growth factors stimulate natural tissue growth and encourage the body’s organic healing process. The grafted material is taken from either the palate or roof of your mouth. The treatment site is then sutured, and a special material is used to protect the area. You can expect the healing period to take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. The process is carried out under local anaesthetic. We can also offer intravenous sedation as a means of helping you to relax throughout your treatment.

During the appointment, your dentist can advise on how to avoid brushing your teeth too vigorously, using an electric oscillating toothbrush – overbrushing is one of the main causes of gum recession. Tailored guidance on preventing gum recession and gum disease in the future will also be provided depending on your risk factors.

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