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What makes the perfect dental nurse? Competence, confidence and cooperation

26th August 2013

Here at our Glasgow dental clinic we have a team of three dental nurses – Kasia, Louise, Pamela and our newest addition June.

Between them they support the dentists based at the surgeries in our clinic.

People often ask me what makes a good clinic nurse?

I can sum it up in just three words – “competence, confidence and co-operation”.

Each of our Glasgow-based team has oodles of all three – and their understanding of the task they face during each appointment is so spot on.

Dental nursing can be treated either as a job or a vocation. Only those indivuduals with a true desire to help others regardless of the effort it takes have a vocational instinct.

I believe the dental nurses we employ do share that desire and and have a superb grasp of the role. They also appreciate the importance and benefits of strong team work in the clinic.


I recall some significant feedback from a patient undergoing dental implant work at the Glasgow clinic.

The patient described Kasia’s involvement “like being a comfort blanket” during the treatment.

I work closely with Kasia, especially when we are looking after patients who have opted to undergo dental implant treatment at the clinic – here in Glasgow and also at the New Town Dental Care clinic in Edinburgh where I see dental implant patients.

Kasia also helps to train other implant nurses.


She has held a role with the implant supply company AstraTech, conducting a series of Train the Trainers Nurse Courses, a role for which she underwent a rigorous interview session. She travelled all over the UK to carry out these training sessions.

These training sessions allow Kasia to share the expert knowledge she gained both in her studies and working alongside our team of experienced dental care professionals.

In her role as a trainer she is able to work closely with many other dental nurses from all over the UK.

These are usually nurses who have expressed an interest in developing their expertise into the world of implant surgery or whose dentist employers are expanding their skills in that field and so need the assistance of an implant nurse.

Should you have any questions about this blog post or wish to find out more about our treatments and services please contact our reception on 0141 339 7579.

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